Whenever I look back and consider at what moment in time my creative style and vision shifted it comes back to the same memory, Bali 2013. That’s when thanks to my dear friend Nirrimi, I was invited to join her retreat. I decided to take a whole month of time out of my life, travel to Bali, and share a house with creatives that I’d never met before. This break from the reality I knew and the length of time made a big impact on me, one that if I’m honest I didn’t quite realise the scale of at the time.

Back in 2014 I hosted a similar retreat of my own and that too was incredibly inspiring and fulfilling. It’s been a few years since and I’ve decided to bring this style of “retreat” back. This time however I’ll be teaming up with my husband, Pratik Naik, and together we’ve decided to invite our online creative family to join us in various locations around the world for pockets of time, whether that’s 2 weeks or 1 month.

Our goal is to offer a space that’s easy to work and create in, to bring together awesome people, and to create a space where you can do anything you want, whether that’s relaxing all day, checking out all the local food, or planning your own shoots, we want to offer a space where you can do whatever YOU want.

We’ll be hand picking the people who join us, pulling together a group of people who are open and willing to share their knowledge too. This way we can learn from each organically and informally whether that’s shooting styles, business, how to grow your brand, etc. You’re welcome to share only if you want to. We aim to create a space where there’s no obligation from you or from us. A simple break from reality.


  • Hawaii

  • Morocco

  • India

  • Thailand

  • Bali

  • Vietnam

  • New Zealand

  • Fiji

  • Portland, USA

  • San Diego, USA

  • London, UK