in an english country garden...

I'm so thrilled to share with you a sweet English wedding captured one warm sunfilled day in Hertfordshire, England where Kate and Jon, two kindred souls declared their love to each other against a backdrop of family and friends. 

Chefchaouen's Blue Hues - Morocco Part V

One of the places I was particularly looking forward to visit was a beautiful town known as Chefchaouen. I came across it through Instagram earlier in the year and since we were already talking about visiting Morocco I knew that somehow we would find a way to visit it! 

Camel Treks & Glamping - Morocco Part IV

Now this is where the real highlight of my year happened! Out in the desert, warm fine sand sinking softly under my bare feet and nothing but blue skies and bright sun above, suffice to say, life felt pretty perfect. Walking high on softly rolling dunes was a dream (one I didn't even know I had) come true! 

Lucy and John's wedding

Lucy and John got married one beautifully bright Brighton day. I was so honoured and very excited to capture their big day and as you go through the pictures you'll see why! All the details that make for a great wedding were put together by this talented and creative couple.

a love story in france...

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure to capturing a beautiful wedding deep in the french countryside. Andrew and Erica met 12 years ago whilst at university. I know them from when we worked towards our masters in Architecture a few years back. The bond between them is clear as day to anyone who knows them, Erica's calm waters compliments Andrew's playful fire so beautifully. They're one of those couples that give everyone hope.

paradise romance...

The day was cold and bright when Lydia, India, and I made our way to the location where we would spend the day. I'd seen it in pictures but the reality took my breath away; A fairy home tucked away in a city. Lydia found it through magic of her own keen spirit. She always seems to find the most beautiful spaces. Madeleine, the owner of the home, greeted us at the door with hugs and a bright energy. I knew immediately we were going to be great friends from our previous communication and from her warm energy that presented itself that morning.