A Floral Fairytale with Profoto A1s!

Earlier this summer I had the incredible opportunity to work with Profoto for the launch of their new product the A1s

Promoted as the world’s smallest studio light my curiousity was piqued as to what surprises this little light in a familiar speedlight body had in store. 

As a predominantly natural light shooter, lately I’ve been looking for ways to elevate my images to another level. I often work alone, for most shoots it’s just the model and I. With this in mind, it’s important to me that any addition to my camera kit be small and lightweight. I was looking for something I can take with me on location, set up with minimal fuss, and still be able to get the quality of images I want. After my first test shoot with the A1s I could suddenly see why Profoto was so excited to share them with the world. 

I want to stress that this is my personal opinion based on my experience after using them all summer. 

The concept for this photoshoot was born from the location. The gardens at a garden center just outside of Oxford were bursting with summer flowers. The florals weaved their magic around me when I went to visit, inspiring, (and almost demanding me!) to create something enchanting within the blooms. Fortunately the manager was kind enough to let us roam free. The perks of a tiny team and lightweight equipment!

I contacted Jodi Lakin, a model and makeup artist I’ve worked with several times before, and reached out to designer Joanne Fleming to send us this beautiful frothy dress which complimented the vision I had in mind. Styling a shoot is always a fun process for me, it’s when I start building up the character and what they represent in the image I want to capture.

A queen emerged, otherworldly pink hair complimenting the dress, flowers circling her crown, and Jodi’s piercing eyes holding it all together. I’m drawn to capturing this inner strength that we all carry as females whether we recognise it within us or not. Women and nature, we are entwined and connected. Both the creators of life, resilient in our strength, wild, nurturing, constantly growing, evolving, connected as the earth to the moon.

My boyfriend, and partner in post processing magic, Pratik Naik from Solstice Retouch, volunteered as my extra set of hands and he captured all the behind the scenes images you see here. Gary, from Gorgeous Films, filmed the behind the scenes process and you can check out the video we created for Profoto below!

Check out the BTS video of our shoot!

After the gardens we changed location to a woodland I love. It was when I captured this shot long after the sun set when we were surrounded by twilight’s blue hue that I realised how powerful the A1 lights were. They created opportunities for me to capture moments that would otherwise not be possible if I relied solely on natural light (at that point there was hardly any natural light left!)

I favored the light achieved by both the diffuser and soft bounce modifiers as I was able to create the soft natural looking light that I’m always drawn to.

I can honestly say that the addition of the A1s in my camera kit this summer allowed me to literally turn the world into my studio and the possibilities moving forward are very exciting! 

Dear Beyoncé...

Dear Beyoncé,

With great admiration, I write to you, putting my wishes out there to the Universe. I want to photograph you.

Being a huge fan of yours, and a lover of all things floral and fantasy, I feel we could create something that could be uniquely beautiful.

When these two images were published, I was overwhelmed seeing your inclusion of flowers and fine-art into your announcement of Sir Carter and Rumi. Friends and fans alike kept messaging me, encouraging me to reach out, to see what we could shoot together. On my own accord, I never thought about doing it and it never even came to my attention. But after seeing all the encouragement, I felt I had to at least put it out there!

You see, my work is rooted heavily in magical worlds, heavy with flowers and based in fantasy. I photograph women and imagine them as queens of other worlds. Portraits of strong women in floral landscapes with a sense of opulence.

Imagine what would transpire if I could photograph an actual queen, and capture her like a goddess.

Beyoncé, I hope you would allow me the opportunity!

From one flower lover to another, 



Daughter of Spring...

Daughter of Spring...

I think it's a beautiful thing when creatives collaborate. I always feel that the work produced feels richer for the talented poured into it.

At the end of Autumn I was talking with the lovely Agnieszka from Agnieszka Osipa costumes as well as model, Maria Amanda. I was coming back to the UK after a few months of travelling in the US and was looking forward to channelling some creative energy into personal work...

Bella Kotak + transFORM Gallery NYC - Opening Night

Bella Kotak + transFORM Gallery NYC - Opening Night

It was the cold wind that hit me first as I walk out of JFK airport. An 8 hour flight flew by with 4 movies and a bag of popcorn. It wasn't my first time to the city, I'd been here a few months ago and the cold chill was a familiar one...

Adventures in Kenya : Part III - Mombasa & Lamu

Adventures in Kenya : Part III - Mombasa & Lamu

After our safari adventures we headed down to the coast, to my home town, Mombasa. Here K and I had access to a car and fill our days with friends and mini roadtrips along the coast. I would drive down streets familiar to me and along the way share stories of my childhood...

Chefchaouen's Blue Hues - Morocco Part V

Chefchaouen's Blue Hues - Morocco Part V

One of the places I was particularly looking forward to visit was a beautiful town known as Chefchaouen. I came across it through Instagram earlier in the year and since we were already talking about visiting Morocco I knew that somehow we would find a way to visit it!