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One DayWorkshop! - 23rd September 2017


Join me on a one day fairytale fashion workshop in Sydney, Australia! 

In the morning we will cover how to prepare for a fairytale fashion photoshoot as well as discussing inspiration, how to execute a vision, what to notice when you're shooting, how to approach and capture pieces for composite photography.

Later in the afternoon I will be sharing my approach to retouching, what I look for in selects, workflow process, image manipulation, retouching, and colour toning techniques.

The itinerary will be as follows:

Date: 23rd September 2017
Location : TBC
Time: 9.30am - 6pm 

  • The day will begin at 9.30am with introductions between attendees and the team.
  • As the models are prepared I will talk about inspiration, concepts, and how I approach and execute an image.
  • We will shoot in a studio set up styled by the talented Penny Adams along with two models, props, and hair/makeup artist.  
  • You will be able to see me work and you will also get time to take your own images. 
  • I will be on hand guiding your individual shooting time. 
  • We will work on an image from start to finish using Capture One and Photoshop.
  • You are encouraged to bring your laptop and wacom tablet to follow along. 
  • Bring along any images to work on from the day before.
  • In the end you will walk away with a finished piece.

Cost: $899

To book email me at 
I will send over a PayPal request. 
Payment plan can be arranged. 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! :)

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