a love story in france...

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure to capturing a beautiful wedding deep in the french countryside. Andrew and Erica met 12 years ago whilst at university. I know them from when we worked towards our masters in Architecture a few years back. The bond between them is clear as day to anyone who knows them, Erica's calm waters compliments Andrew's playful fire so beautifully. They're one of those couples that give everyone hope.

Of course, it's always a pleasure to capture a friend's and in this case, two friends, special day! The wedding was initially set to take place at the steps of Erica's family home, outdoors with the sun shining bright. The days before and after the wedding were warm and sun filled, but, as we all know, the weather is one thing we can't control and on the day of the wedding it decided that it would rain! A lot! 

In the end, rather than getting married in the location they initially envisioned, the wedding was quickly relocated under the shelter of the marquee where where reception was to be held. It was here where I really saw the incredible nature of my bride and groom who took the changing climate with a pinch of salt and celebrated it as just another element of the day. It was their optimistic spirit that made the day shine bright for everyone who'd travelled out for them and the love for this couple was clear on the faces of those nearest and dearest to them!

Erica and Andrew are both trained Architects and their design influence could be seen in every detail, from the name settings which Andrew had hand written and sketched, to the cakes that were created by Laura Simonson and the cake topper by fellow creatives, Danny Steadman and Victoria Hale.

Thank you Erica and Andrew for inviting me to France, for giving me the honour of capturing your big day and all the fun times before and after! And now, the photos... 

Bella Kotak

Bella Kotak is a fine art and fashion photographer currently based in Oxford & London, England. An art lover from a young age she always knew that she would work within the creative industry. Photography changed her life when she picked up a camera and began a 365 project. From that moment she was hooked by this medium that translates thoughts and imagination into tangible form and has since been featured in several magazines around the world.