Camel Treks & Glamping - Morocco Part IV

Now this is where the real highlight of my year happened! Out in the desert, warm fine sand sinking softly under my bare feet and nothing but blue skies and bright sun above, suffice to say, life felt pretty perfect. Walking high on softly rolling dunes was a dream (one I didn't even know I had) come true! 

After the long day of intense mountain driving the day before, we were ready to stretch our legs and immerse ourselves in another kind of landscape. We drove to Merzouga, grabbed an over night bag and headed out with our guide for the evening. I grew up riding camels in Kenya but for some reason, riding out in the desert, a place they're used to roaming felt as though I'd slipped back in time for a moment.  We climbed up a high dune, and settled down to watch the sun set over an endless sea of sand. It was very much of those, "Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom" moments :) 

That night we stayed in a luxury camp, we'd been kindly upgraded by the lady who organised our tour, and the experience was wonderful. We ate so well, dessert and dancing under a million stars before finally collapsing in a super soft bed. 

The next day we all woke up at 5am and took ourselves out to watch the sunrise. It was cool and crisp and we amused ourselves by drawing in the sand. Sunrises are magical, I really should make it a point to catch them more often. The day was taken easy and we ventured out once again in the evening to catch the fading light. 

If you're ever in Morocco, I'd highly recommend booking yourself an overnight in the desert. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

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Bella Kotak

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