Chefchaouen's Blue Hues - Morocco Part V

One of the places I was particularly looking forward to visit was a beautiful town known as Chefchaouen. I came across it through Instagram earlier in the year and since we were already talking about visiting Morocco I knew that somehow we would find a way to visit it! Chefchaouen is located 3 hours north of Fes, quietly nestled in the Rif Mountain and known for it's blue toned streets, homes and also shopping! The streets were filled with colourful bags, blankets, cushions, clothes, shoes each turn of the head was an Instagram-able sight. We decided to hire a guide for an hour to give us an efficient way to walk about this scenic, maze-like city and a chance get our bearings too. Wandering through those cool blue hues at times felt like being in a surreal ice cave. It was strange but wonderful. I was keenly reminded of Jodhpur, a city in India that too is known for it's blue painted homes whose streets I'd also wandered along several years ago.

At the end of the day we headed back to Fes where we spent the following day, our last full day, wandering the streets, bartering for jewellery, making friends and soaking in the city. We stayed in a lovely riad called Dar Eva and by this point I'll admit, we were getting quite used to being treated like princesses! We'd leave Morocco early the next day, the memories and the stories we created would take a long time to fade away. It was a magical trip made truly special by the wonderful company. A big big thank you goes to Authentic Morocco for providing us with an absolutely wonderful experience!

I already look forward to the next trip with my girls!

Instagram pics!

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Bella Kotak

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